A Men’s Guide to Dressing Well and Looking Polished


Being well dressed takes a lot more than just an expensive suit. A man can have the best suit money can buy and still not look polished. In order to present your self as a prosperous member of society you need to bring your look together by paying attention to detail. It’s within the details that the full picture really begins to come to fruition. These tips will help you go from a boy in a suit to a polished and successful looking man.

  • If it Doesn’t Fit Don’t Wear It: Just because you have a really nice, expensive suit, or a pair of stylish dark denim doesn’t mean your in the fashion clear. You need to make sure you clothing fits properly if you want to look your best. Pants that are too tight or suit coats that are too big will make you look anything but polished no matter how much you spent on them. If you find that your clothes aren’t fitting the way they should consider visiting a tailor to have them let out or taken in.
  • Get an Iron and Get Rid of Wrinkles: Nothing says ill prepared and lazy like a wrinkles shirt. To make sure you look your best make it a point to iron you pants and your shirts. If you find that you don’t always have time to put those important creases in your collar consider investing in a few wrinkles free shirts and pants and keeping them nice and neat on hangers until it’s time to bring them out of the closet.
  • Invest is Some Nice Socks: Nothing ruins a strapping suit like a pair of white cotton running socks. Keep your gym socks for the gym and fill your drawers with at least five pairs of nylon dress socks that will match your suit. What if you don’t wear a suit to work? As a general rule those white socks should be kept for sneakers only. If your wearing dress shoes do the same with your socks.
  • Make it a Point to Accessorize: Sure any man can throw a suit on and a pair of dress shoes, but it’s the men who take five seconds more to add some accessories to their ensemble that really look polished and ready to meet the business world with open arms. Invest in small yet essential things like cuff links, tie clips and watches to make sure you’re always dressed your best.
  • Don’t Clash with Busy Patterns: If you want to wear a patterned shirt give up your pin striped pants for the day. Likewise, if your going to wear a pair patterned pants (Stripes and plaids only please), choose a solid color shirt. While yes, it is occasionally fashionable to mis match, it’s not fashionable to clash. When it comes to dressing to impress clashing is a major fashion don’t.
  • Sneakers are Never the Right Choice: Sneakers have come a long way and they have made their way past the gym and into our everyday lives. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable and how stylish they are they are never appropriate footwear for a polished man. Leave your sneakers at the gym and look for classy comfort in the casual shoe.

write by Phelan