Abdominal Exercises Do Not Cause Belly Fat Loss


Everyone is always wondering what the best workouts are in order to achieve a flatter stomach. If you want to here the biggest misconception of losing belly fat, I will give you a straight up answer that you may not believe. Abdominal workouts will not have any effect on losing belly fat. Most people have a certain amount of body fat in their abs region, and the most effective way to get rid of this fat still remains to be beyond somebody’s understanding.

The difficulty most people are having is the fact that they are searching for the wrong workout plans to lose their stubborn tummy fat. Everyone wants that “miracle formula” of ab workouts, and exercises that will burn their fat off faster than fly’s on butter.

However notice how the title mentions “Belly Fat Loss” these workouts tend to strengthen the lower abdominal areas, but the fat still remains, yes the fat! This is the layer that is hiding your true abs. In order to get the abs to show, you need to work on something that will increase your metabolic rate and fat burning hormones. Creating a strategic full body workout plan can do this. If you’re thinking about cardiovascular exercises, these will not create the greatest effect for metabolic rate, and fat loss hormones. However what you really need is some sort of workout program that gives your entire body a great workout. The best way to do this is with high intense resistance training.

The high intense resistance training merged with a healthy calorie intake, or balanced diet on a usual basis, is the absolute key needed to unlock the answers to all your stomach fat problems. This type of training will get rid of that fat that has always been hiding your abs while you were at the beach, or somewhere without your shirt on.

The worst advice anyone can tell you is that all these abdominal exercises out there are effective towards losing stomach fat, and that you need to do hundreds of reps along with them; like I said earlier, the key is high intense resistance training and following a full body workout plan. Are these ab exercises absolutely useless? No, because they do increase abdominal strength, and toning and this are very beneficial, but it does not mean that your stomach fat is going to disappear.

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