Choosing the Best Black Golf Shirt


I see it all the time when I’m watching professional golf on television. One of the guys will be walking around in the middle of the summer in a black golf shirt, acting as though he’s taking a stroll on a cool spring morning! I always wondered how they could do that, and then I found out. It’s all in selecting the right shirt.

Obviously, the number one concern when purchasing a black golf shirt is that it’s going to make you ridiculously hot. We all know the sun absorbs heat, and we all know that when the sun comes out in the summer time it can crazy hot, even without wearing black. So, what can you do if you want to get out there and wear a black golf polo shirt?

First things first, you have got to stay away from one hundred percent cotton. That type of shirt is so 1980s. If you are going to get a shirt that’s one hundred percent cotton, you might as well pull out the polyester plaid golf pants to match. You are stepping way back in time.

Walk into any golf store and you’ll immediately see the fabrics are not the same fabrics your grandfather wore. Spend a couple of extra bucks and get the microfiber shirt that is not only light and breathable but wicks away moisture too. That way when you’re done with your round you don’t look like you just took a run through the sprinklers.

After that, get a shirt that fits. The closer it fits to your body, believe it or not, the cooler you are going to be. A big, billowy shirt is going to create a pocket of hot air between your body and the shirt. Let the shirt do it’s job, and look good while doing it.

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write by Daniel Baldwin