College Student Costumes – Yo Gabba! Gabba! Part 1


Yo Gabba! Gabba! is popular with both small children and college students. This year, consider a Yo Gabba! Gabba! costume for Halloween, especially if you live off campus and plan on handing out treats. Your friends will like it, and small kids will probably think you’re the character you’ve dressed up as.

DJ Lance is often considered the most popular of the Yo Gabba! Gabba! Characters, and for good reason. He’s the one who opens and closes the show, and interacts with all the characters of Gabbaland. You can buy a ready made costume that consists of an orange jump suit with white stripes, orange sneakers, and a fuzzy orange hat. If buying a costume is not for you, hit up the second hand store for and orange shirt and pants, and use reflective tape to make the white stripes. You could probably find a white hat and dye it orange with some fabric dye, and wear your own sneakers. Pair with a boombox style stereo, and you’re all set!

Brobee is also another popular character. His two tone green fur makes him almost huggable, and who can forget the song “Party in My Tummy?” Adult pre made costumes consist of a large green striped shirt, green mittens, and a hat that you can pair with dark pants and your own shoes. If you’re making the costume, look for a dark green shirt, and pair it with green gloves (look for cheap stretchy ones sold around this time of year), and a green hat. If you want to get really creative, buy some felt and glue white eyes with black pupils to the hat, and some orange triangles on the top to look like the one that decorate the top of Brobee’s head.

For the ladies, why not dress as Foofa? Since she’s the only girl on the show, she’s a natural choice. Pre made costumes come with a pink dress, shaped like Foofa’s pear shape, and a hat styles like Foofa’s face. If you’re trying to make a costume yourself, look for a large, oversized sweatshirt in pink, or a plain pink dress. You can make a hem with some tape, and run a cord through the hem, so it’ll cinche up. Stuff your dress with crumpled newspaper to get Foofa’s pear shape. Get some pale pink felt, and cut some teardrop shapes, and affix them to the collor to mimic the flower collar this lovable Gabbaland girl has.

black t shirt
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write by Darryl