Xbox One Free Horror Games

The great thing about owning an Xbox is signing up for an Xbox Game Pass subscription. No matter which tier you opt to use, you’ll still get access to an incredible amount of games, which is perfect as Halloween approaches. Embrace the spooky spirit with these free Xbox Game Pass horror games to download right now.

You might not know it, but some of the best Xbox horror games are waiting to be picked out from Xbox Game Pass right this minute. So, why not kick Halloween off with a certified spooky season banger? We’re talking about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, of course.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Based on the titular Tobe Hooper horror movie, developer Gun Interactive evolves on its work with Friday the 13th, putting players into the bloody fields of Sawyer Farm. As a survivor, you’ll be playing with three other players, figuring out how to evade captivity, avoiding traps, and getting out of there with your life. Team work is everything here, so while it can be frustrating playing with random squad mates, we recommend getting your friends involved in the fun.

However, should you wish to channel more of an evil side, you can always elect to play as a member of the Slaughter Family. Be it Leatherface, The Cook, Johnny, or Sissy, you can hunt down the survivors with pretty grizzly methods of incapacitation. Gun Interactive delivers the atmosphere of the original movie perfectly, adding genuine layers of fear onto the experience as you attempt to get out of the farm’s underground network. With The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay, you can also get your PS5 or PC friends to join in too.

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Dead By Daylight

Behaviour Interactive practically refined the asymmetrical horror genre over the last few years, as Dead By Daylight continues to be immensely popular. One of the best Xbox games on the Game Pass roster, Dead by Daylight’s gameplay formula is similar to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but you’ll need to quickly master mechanics like fixing generators, freeing other players, and gathering vital equipment. What makes this game a blast to play is the sheer amount of crossover content, including the likes of Evil Dead, Stranger Things, Scream, and more.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Now for something a little different. There isn’t any multiplayer to be found in Ghostwire Tokyo, but there is a compelling narrative to explore. Coming from The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks, the story follows our hero Akito as they navigate a huge paranormal event that suddenly wipes out 99% of the population. Ghosts, taking the form of Japanese folklore, begin to invade soon after.

As you solve the mystery of the event, you’ll also wield superpowers to ward off evil spirits. It is very reminiscent of Doctor Strange’s aesthetic, so if you’ve ever wanted to cast spells like Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU, now is your chance. Here’s the Ghostwire Tokyo skill tree to get you started.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Before the arrival of Game Pass alum Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion put its own spin on the zombie survival genre with its familiar Sniper Elite gunplay and gory bullet-cam. If you’ve got an itch for some undead slaying, this will definitely satisfy that need while you wait for something like MW3 Zombies to arrive. Dead War takes players across the world in the campaign, as players foil the Germany forces’ plans to resurrect Zombie Hitler.

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The lore is just as complex as Call of Duty Zombies, and to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Multiplayer maps can be claustrophobic, with a smattering of undead variants to defeat, rivaling the hardest COD Zombies maps at times. Don’t overlook this one.

Whether you’re slaying the undead or surviving the wrath of Leatherface, your Halloween entertainment just got better. Don’t worry if you’ve got a PlayStation console, though. We’ve got you covered with these free PS Plus horror games to check out.

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