CopyNProfit Review – Affiliate Marketing in a Box


The concept of teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime has gone by the wayside with CopyNProfit which simply gives you the fish. Their website boast that it is “so easy a baby could do it”. They claim to have a number of affiliate marketing campaigns that will earn you a bucket full of money with virtually no work other than copying their templates, ads and niches. I just felt that a little bit of a CopyNProfit review was in order.

First, I need to be up front with you, since honesty is still the best policy, I have not purchased the materials so my CopyNProfit review is just from the material I have been able to find on the web condensed down for you. I did not buy the program because I have learned to fish for myself which, I believe, is much better than just eating someone else’s fish. I may eventually buy the product for quick campaign set-ups but for now I have not.

I have to say I am always leery when someone promises that the money will roll in and all I half to do is…! I am not saying that you can’t make money with their product in fact you probably can but don’t expect to make as much as they did with their original campaigns. Campaigns need to be tweak time and time again or they become stale and worn out.

I am not against someone purchasing what I call “affiliate marketing in a box” that is part of the reason I wrote the article on CopyNProfit Review I just think that it is as important to get the reasons why these campaigns have worked.

write by Dieter