English Premier League Season 2008 – 09 – Which Teams to Watch For?


EPL has started for the third week so far…. Have you had any clue that which team will dominate this season? Is it going to be Chelsea who have a red hot start at the early stage of the season, or Manchester United who have yet to show their real strength, or Young Arsenal team who have lost one match last weekend but relived almost immediately after the young players were given a stern words from their coach.

From the immediate rebound performance of Arsenal, I am very positive that the young players are surely the hot contender for the English Premier Title this season. The young age and energy are the strength of this young team. They can beat any team in the league at their good form. However, they have to be focus which is their weakest link. Most of the players have played together for quite sometime and can gel well. After the loss to Fullham last week, they have learned the lesson well and beaten Twente in Champion League Group match during the mid week followed by a emphatic win over New Castle 3 – 0 this weekend.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has shown sign of fatigue after three matches. The first match was a fantastic one with 4 -0 win over Portsmouth, followed by another win 1 – 0 at Wigan but they only managed to draw with Tottenham 1 -1 at home this weekend. Well, thing will not look good for them if they continue to lose point like that at home…..

Manchester United has to decide their emphasis on which title they want….The mid week result did not go well for them when they lost to St. Petersburg 1 -2 in their Champion League Group match. It is not going to be easy to get the double titles again in this season.

At this early stage, it is still too early to predict which team will be the winner for EPL this season. However, if I have to pick one team it has to be Arsenal to win this season!

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write by Mazhar Qureshi