Fashion Tips For Men – Colors, Shirts and Ties


You must be the man you appear to be, or the clothes will do nothing for you beyond that first impression.

Looking your best will make you feel more confident in a business or social situation. How you present yourself correlates well with how you feel about yourself. If you don’t appear to think much of yourself, don’t expect others to. The women you will want to meet in the professional world know how a man should dress and are more attracted to one who meets those expectations. Disappoint them, and you will disappoint yourself. All these rules, which have been proclaimed by many classical sources, should be concluded with the following final advice: never forget that you must be the man you appear to be, or the clothes will do nothing for you beyond that first impression…


Women know how to match colors, and so should you. If this is a problem for you, get help from a woman. None of the fashion tips that follow will mean anything if you wear mismatched colors.

Brighter and edgier colors and colour combinations can work for you, even at work if your company is not too conservative. Primary bright colours can be mixed and matched and will stay in style for some time.

Don’t underestimate the versatility of black and white. Mixing black and white garments gives you a stunning variety of coordination choices. You can put more different colours with these two basic ones than with any other colors.

You can also go monochrome, but take care that the shades match. If you go monochrome, pick a tie that is in a contrasting color to make your outfit pop.

Shirts and Ties

There is no such thing as a short-sleeve dress shirt.

A white dress shirt with a dark suit is always safe for semi-formal evening wear. But always playing it safe is no fun! Try a black suit with a coloured shirt, such as dark red, for a change.

At the office, white or blue dress shirts are business staples. Dark-toned, striped, or check will make a nice change.

Opening your shirt collar and loosening your tie does not make you look cool or relaxed. It makes you look drunk.

Normally you should wear a straight-collar shirt with a suit. A button-down collar dress shirt may be worn if it is one of high quality. Button downs also go nicely with a blazer or sports coat.

Festive ties with teddy bears or Santa Claus faces are fine for festive occasions, but not for the office.

Adjust the width of your tie’s knot to the width of your shirt collar. The wider the collar, the wider the knot. From narrowest to widest knot, learn how to tie the four-in-hand, half-Windsor, and Windsor knot.

A properly tied necktie will have a dimple under the knot.

Neckties come in two lengths: the standard length of 56 inches and the longer 60 inches. Be sure to buy a standard 56-inch tie unless you are over six feet taller have a protruding belly. The bottom of your tie should just cover your belt buckle.

Own at least two dress shirts of different colours with French cuffs. You can find cufflinks that are colour-coordinated with your outfit, or wear silver, which goes with anything. Cufflinks with precious stones are the most formal.

Poly/cotton blend dress shirts hold their press well but will fade over time. Spend the money and the effort to iron pure cotton shirts. You will look sharper and the shirts will hold that bright colour longer.

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