Fun Hen’s Night Themes


You as the Matron of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid have been given the job of organising the Hen’s night/Bridal Shower. The Hen has expressed that she would like a costume themed party so where do you start?

Before deciding on a costume theme, there are a couple of considerations to ponder over. Firstly ask the Hen if she wants the entire party fully costumed or just her. Secondly what is the budget for the night and is everyone happy to put in for the Hen’s costume as she should not have to pay for the costume or the night out.

Now these considerations have been addressed the fun begins, it’s time to select the theme and relevant costume from our list of our ideas in this article.

Themes: Western, Burlesque, Angels v Devils, 50s Rock n Roll, Occupations/Uniforms & Hawaiian

Costume suggestions for the Hen:

Western – jeans or chaps, vest, checked shirt, gun holster & bride to be veil,

Must haves: complimentary boa and bride to be sash

Burlesque – corset, tassel or pencil skirt, mini top hat or ornate hair comb, rhinestone choker

Must haves: complimentary boa and bride to be sash

Good v Evil

(Decide whether the Hen should be an Angel or Devil and have the Henette’s dress in the opposite theme).

Angel – short white dress, feathered wings, thigh high stockings, stilettos, garter, halo with veil

Must have: bride to be sash



Short black or red dress, cape, long black boots, sequin horns with veil & pitchfork

Must haves: complimentary boa and bride to be sash

50s Rock n Roll

(Decide whether the Hen should be a Soda Pop girl or 50s Bobby Soxer)

Soda Pop girl – gathered short skirt with netting, blouse, hen’s veil, writing pad with pencil

50s Bobby Soxer – full coloured skirt, bride to be T-Shirt (available at costume and discount stores), belt and hen’s veil

Must have: bride to be sash

Occupations/Uniforms – (this theme has endless possibilities e.g; medical (nurse or doctor), army (cadet or officer) navy (sailor or officer), police officer, fire-fighter & cheerleader just to name a few.

Either select from a short sexy or traditional costume (available at most costume hire stores), team with a pair of thigh high stockings and stilettos

Must haves: complimentary boa and bride to be sash

Hawaiian – grass skirt, bride to be singlet, or flower bra top

Must haves: complimentary boa and bride to be sash

Costume suggestions for the Henette’s (hen’s friends):

Western – jeans, shirt, bandana (match the Hen’s boa), cowboy hat & badge.

Burlesque – corset, tassel or pencil skirt, boa, choker, short fishnet gloves

Good v Evil – Devil

black or red dress, long black boots, red or black horns, red or black boa

50s Rock n Roll – Bobby Soxer – full coloured skirt, plain T-Shirt, belt, matching neck tie to skirt, ribbon for hair, short socks & shoes

Occupations/Uniforms – same as the Hen’s attire just add a complimentary boa

Hawaiian – grass skirt, flower bra top, lei (wearing a lei in place of a boa will help distinguish the Henette’s from the Hen)


If the budget is tight, rather than all the Henette’s dressing up in costume ask each girl to dress in black. This will help to showcase their costume accessories and also identify the group as one.

Try tying the costume theme in with a venue to help with congruency, along with complimentary food and drinks.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

• Western at a line dancing venue or barn

• 50s theme party at a Bowling Alley

• Burlesque at a Pole Dancing Studio

• Occupations/Uniforms e.g. navy on a boat

• Hawaiian on a beach

Lastly to ensure the success of any Hen’s night confer with all the Henette’s and confirm the dress code and venue. This way there will be no misunderstandings on the night and will help to create a very special and memorable night out for your Hen.

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