How Important Are Looks in Getting a Girlfriend?


At first, we think the answer to this question is pretty obvious – of course looks are important. You need to be good looking to get the girl you want otherwise you have to settle. But as you go out and notice society at large you see both phenomena – guys who are good looking with beautiful girlfriends; as well as some good-looking guys who can’t seem to get a girlfriend at all no matter how hard he tries. You also see a lot of ugly guys who seem to get a lot of girls; as well as ones who can’t get a girlfriend or a date for that matter to save their life.

The fact of the matter is – looks DO matter. But not the way you think.

There is a difference between being “good looking” and “looking good.” The good news is, its the latter that matters and its the latter which you have control of – not everybody is good-looking, but anybody can look good.

You may not look like Brad Pitt, but there are certain things you can do to improve your looks both in the short term and in the long run. Here are some of them:

– Get a shave and a haircut. In the movies, you hear that women like strong and rugged men. The problem is that there is a fine line between looking rugged and masculine versus looking dirty and unemployed. It takes a certain sense for fashion to know the difference but since I assume you are a guy reading this, it means your sense of fashion is pretty weak. So leave the rugged and macho stuff and practice good grooming.

– If you have a gay friend or a friend who is a girl, ask them to go shopping with you to find a new wardrobe. In the absence of that, follow the next tip.

– Wear a suit jacket. Whether you are wearing jeans with a round neck shirt, or slacks with a long sleeve shirt, a suit jacket goes with it. You can’t go wrong with black or midnight blue. Put this in your regular outfit whenever you enter in social situations where there is potential to meet women (or your future girlfriend).

– Go to the gym. Lose that baby fat, get nice and fit. This not only improves your looks but your confidence as well. Not to mention it will increase your bodies ability to produce natural male phermones (that is a different subject all together.

Once you make it a habit to look your best. It will make it all the much easier for you to attract women and get a girlfriend.

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write by Oswald