How to Organize Bedroom Closets


Whether you have a standard closet or walk in, organizing your bedroom closets can be easily accomplished. It gives me a great sense of pride to open my closet and have everything organized and accessible.

Even if you have a small closet there are techniques that you use so you are using all the space you have available to your organizing advantage.

Take everything out of the closet and measure length, width and depth. The worst thing is to buy a product and it does not your space or your needs. Decide if you need more shelving space or hanging space. Make a layout of your closet and space in your needs. Now that you have decided what you need and what you want you are ready to start organizing your closet.

The first step to organizing your bedroom closet is to get rid of the clothes that you do not wear. Yes, you may love it but do you wear it, is the garment your style, does it fit? If you have answered no to any of these, then it is time to donate the garment. Make piles as you go through your clothes, donate or throw away. I personally donate all my clothes to Good Will.

When you put your clothes back into the closet, organize them so it will be easier for you to find items that you need. Hang all long sleeve shirts together by color and all short sleeve shirts by color. The same for pants.

There are add on clothing bars you can add into your closet or closet rods so that you can hang your shirts on one row and your pants below…saves a ton of space. You could also install shelving that doubles as a shelf and rod together increasing your shelf and bar space.

And for us short people an easy reach closet hook is great, no more standing on a stool to get what you want from your closet. Utilizing the higher space in your closet will increase your usable area.

I know that you are with me when I say all those little things in the closet drive you crazy! Belts and Ties slipping off the hangers is the worst. Invest in an inexpensive non slip tie and belt holder and not only will your bedroom closet be more organized but will lessen your aggravation level.

I know that most of us women, have more than 1 handbag, some lots more. There are also great ways to organize your handbags and still keep your bedroom closet organized.

OK, so I admit it, I am a shoe addict! I love shoes, heels, wedges, sandals, sneakers I have them all and then some. Hmmm now where to store than all and keep them organized.

You could keep them in their original boxes but then you can’t see what’s in each one unless you label them or use clear shoe boxes.

Depending on your space limitations, there are many ways to keep your shoes neat, orderly, organized and easily accessible.

Another option is to utilize under your bed as storage. By storing your shoes or other items under your bed, you will be freeing up space in your closet. This is a great option if you have a small closet or limited space.

I just have to say a word about hangers, it’s a thing with me. I actually have colored hangers, blue to one son, green to another, black to husband. Plastic hangers or wood hangers with no slip pads are great. There are so many different types of hangers it’s actually surprising. Wood, Plastic, Tiered, Pants, Shirts and the list goes on…..

Tiered Shirt and Slack hangers will save space in your closet by not using so many hangers.

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