Internet Marketing Myths, Fallacies, and Fairy Tales


Before you even begin hopping onto the Internet marketing e-bandwagon, you must be aware of its myths, fallacies, and fairy tales. Yes, Internet marketing is fascinating, it has incredible rags-to-riches fables, and you are just dying to get a slice of the pie. But before you do so, take a breather. Maybe these tips will help save the shirt on your back one rainy day.

Myth #1: Internet Marketing is a Piece of Cake

If it were that easy, everyone and their girlfriend would be e-millionaires by now. However, in comparison to traditional brick-and mortar businesses with huge overheads like rent, salaries, etc, it is certainly more lucrative. Overheads are minimal and affiliate marketing helps you quickly start churning some decent profits.

Myth #2: Everyone Makes Money Online

Can everyone fly an airplane? You might be willing to learn how to fly it, you may even able to fly it some day, however, most people won’t even make the initial effort to learn how to fly the plane. The same logic applies to making money online. Everyone knows that they can make a lot of money online but only a few pursue that dream with hard work, determination, and a bit of luck.

Myth #3: Internet Marketing = Get Rich Quick

The only way to ‘get rich quick’ on the Net is to win a lottery. Banish the idea, get rid of it completely, and erase it from your memory banks! Start building a genuine online business with real equity, sincerity, and dedication, and do it consistently over a period of time. I guarantee that you will get rich if you follow my advice. The good news is that Internet Marketing is less risky than a traditional business and also, requires relatively lesser time to establish and grow.

Myth #4: It’s Zero Cost

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Everything costs money, from your Internet access costs, to the cost of purchasing a PC, to fees for the affiliation membership to a website, enrolment for an Internet marketing plan, etc. Costs crop up everywhere. However, start-up costs are relatively more reasonable here than in traditional businesses.

Myth #5: It’s Too Late to Start Now

It is never too late to start anything, if you know your target market, that is. Don’t even attempt to become a Google or a Johnny-come-lately MSN. You might just fail before you even begin. Think of niche marketing as a solution to dead-end low-paying jobs or loss-making companies you owned.

Myth #6: Built It, and It Will Sell

This is opposite of the previous myth. Either it’s too late to start or it’s very easy to do just that. This is bunkum. This myth promotes the fallacy that if you hobble together any old site, people will flock to it. Why should they? Will people pay good money to buy a bullock cart, if you happen to throw it all together and create one? Similarly for the Internet. If you have planned a site, and you have designed a good business plan, implemented it effectively, then the buyers will come to you. And not a moment before that.

Myth #7: Only Tech Gurus Make it Big

Bill Gates isn’t one. And anyways, tech has advanced so rapidly, that you can find sophisticated tools and software – sometimes even for free – that help you do everything with the click of a button. For example, earlier HTML required hours of coding and months of training. Now, with the help of What You See Is What You get (WYSIWYG) editors, templates, tutorials, etc even a granny can create her own website in minutes.

Myth #8: It’s all Just Hype

Well, there is no smoke without fire. People aren’t crazy to chuck up secure jobs to venture into online marketing. Its not all just hype in the same way it’s not just a piece of cake. Between these 2 extremes lies a viable, intelligent, working system that will help you achieve great success provided you are ready to work hard and work smart.

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write by Toma Banner