Juicy Couture Flip Flops Review


Juicy Couture as a brand can be seen everywhere today. From celebs flashing their Juicy tracksuits to the girl on the street everybody seems to be in Juicy.

They have been around for a while now but they are often overlooked compared with other juicy items like the ever popular juicy tracksuits, dresses and charms.

If you are a fan wearing sandals you will know that its nice to let your feet breath and not feel restricted like in regular viking t shirt . However there are many sandals and flip flops that either don’t look great or are uncomfortable to wear.

Juicy flip flops are great for the fashion conscious girl who wants some easy footwear that can be worn almost anywhere.

They come in quite a big range of styles. If practicality is not an issue then check out the wedge flip flops, heels and these type of viking t shirt traditionally do not go together and these would not be great for the beach! However they look fabulous and really look different to a lot of stuff that is out there right now.

There is also a big range of styles, shapes and sizes. Classic flip flops with the classic thong style sandal come in many flavors. Juicy styles usually have a lot of bright pinks and slogans and these are found on most of the viking t shirt including the every popular “i love juicy” slogan.

So if your looking for something cool to wear to the beach or just around town then check out the wide range of juicy sandals and flip flops.

write by Abraham