Matching Cufflinks to Your Ensemble


Cufflinks have made a recent comeback in fashion, proving to be both timeless and classic. But how do you match your cufflinks to your attire?

Cufflinks were initially replaced by buttons which were deemed to be much more practical for quick use. Although cufflinks disappeared for a while, the rise of traditional conservative wear has seen an increase in their popularity.

The best way to match your cufflinks to your attire is to first of all ascertain where you are going. Do you intend to attend a wedding, a ball or a business meeting or are you just planning to meet someone for coffee?

If you are attending a wedding try to find out what the color theme is, there are often colored silk knot cufflinks that are appropriate. Though there are father of the bride and groom cufflinks available. You will create a much better impression with a more refined and traditional choice. Try to have a look around for the different cufflinks that are available and see which best represents your style and personality. Most cufflink aficionados will have a collection of cufflinks to suit different occasions.

Remember that you must wear a good quality, well cut, French cuff style shirt with your cufflinks. You cannot wear cufflinks with a traditional button down shirt. The color of your shirt will determine what sort of cufflink you can wear. It is important to take into account the jewellery and belt that you will be wearing. Darker metals such as yellow gold and bronze go best with browner hues and lighter metals such as silver and titanium tend to mesh well with grays, blues, and blacks. Try matching your necktie to your cufflinks by buying cufflinks with enamel faces and stones and avoid heavily jewelled cufflinks unless you really want to create an impression. Such cufflinks are sometimes popular at black tie, tuxedo ceremonies.

There is no doubt that cufflinks best suit tuxedos and should be worn to formal occasions. They are also considered appropriate for corporate business style with the more traditional or vintage cufflinks being popular. Women are beginning to catch onto the cufflink trend matching their cufflinks to a smart fitted shirt for office wear.

As previously mentioned, try to avoid novelty cufflinks at every opportunity you can find. Sports, animals and even Christmas-themed cufflinks are not very acceptable, especially in a business environment. You might want to create a good impression but sometimes such cufflinks can lead people to believe that you lack professionalism and seriousness.

For more informal occasions it is possible to wear cufflink, combined with a crisp shirt open at the collar, a v-neck sweater and a smart pair of jeans a pair of plain cufflinks can make an outfit look classy. You can also buy personalized and monogram cufflinks representing your affiliation to a particular group are popular but should be worn with discretion.

Once you get accustomed to wearing cufflinks you will be able to identify which are most appropriate and incorporate them into formal as well as casual outfits.

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write by Darius