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If you’re considering a Michael Jackson costume this year for Halloween, then we’ve got a few hints and tips for you. With so much having been created by the King of Pop, there are dozens of different options for a Michael Jackson costume. In fact, if you’re feeling up to it, we think a Michael Jackson themed party would be absolutely killer! Every person dressing in a different iconic Michael Jackson costume would be a smash hit, and with so many options to choose from, it’s entirely plausible.

But what are these options, and what else do you need to consider? We’ll go over them briefly.

First of all, here are some of your basic options, and their complexity:

* Billy Jean. This relatively simple outfit is made up of white boots, black leather pants, a leather jacket, and a pink shirt and bow tie.

* Beat It (T-Shirt option). There are a couple of options from this video, and the first is the easiest Michael Jackson costume out there. It’s comprised of the keyboard shirt and red pants.

* Beat It (Full costume). This is a somewhat more complex outfit, mostly because you can’t buy a red jacket like this local. It also involves a very particular multicolored shirt. The black pants and white shoes are things you can pick up without a specialty store, though.

* Smooth Criminal. I personally love this outfit, but it’s tricky. The all white 50s style suit, with the matching white fedora, white tie, and blue shirt, is a great Michael Jackson costume, but unless you go with a specialty store, a white fedora like this is just going to be plain hard to find. White ties and suits are also pretty rare.

* Thriller. Of course, this is the most appropriate costume for Halloween, and it looks great (and is very iconic). It is, however, basically impossible to do this Michael Jackson costume without a specialty store, since you can’t pick up pants or a jacket like this at any normal clothing outlet.

* Bad. This sort of costume is easy to make a similar set for, but it’s unfortunately tricky to get an exact match unless you go with a specialty store. If you want to make a similar set, hop into a local “Hot Topic” store. This sort of style is actually very popular right now (thank you emo kids!), so you can grab similar jackets and gloves without issue. A similar belt and boots are going to be harder to find, and the simplest option, again, becomes a specialty store.

* Michael Jackson. You can dress up as Michael Jackson himself from the 80s, or from more recent times. Try to do more than just a glove, though. Because that’s lame.

Whatever you do, checking out the Michael Jackson music videos on YouTube is a really good place to start, to be sure you capture the costume accurately. Also, if you’re going to do a specialty store, plan ahead and go online — you can save lots of cash by going with an online specialty store over local places. Of course, you have to wait for shipping, so jump on it by mid-October if you want to make the costume work.

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write by Rickard Greene