Red Shoes Guide


Having a red shoe in your collection is an excellent idea. There are so many types of shoes with various designs and styles to choose from to make your red shoes special. From red strappy high heels to red wedges, the choice is yours to make. Whenever you purchase a pair of shoes, try to buy one that can be teamed with at least 2 or more of your outfits. This makes it an investment as well as being versatile.

Although leather is the choice of many for shoes, never underestimate the versatility and uniqueness of shoes made with fabric. A material such as fabric lends itself to many different prints and designs that other materials simply cannot follow. A paisley printed red fabric shoe is really classy and chic and can be worn casually as well as for work and dinner.

Red stilettos look trendy and sexy when worn with an outfit like a black dress, skirt or even cream or tan trousers. They can look just as sexy when worn with jeans. Red gladiator shoes can also make an impact on clothes such as shorts or cropped jeans. They are comfy and give you the support because of the straps even if they are flat soled or with heels.

Wedges and platforms are other options for heeled shoes that will be perhaps a little bit more comfortable. They give more support for the feet due to the length of the heels. How about red moccasins or sneakers for casual wear around town? You will be comfortable whilst being trendy wearing a pair of red sneakers or moccasins with white shorts and a striped t-shirt. It gives you a very cool sporty look during warmer days.

Red court shoes are also very popular as they can be paired with a variety of outfits for a stylish look. Colors such as tan, cream, gray, black, white and light pink go very well with red. When shopping for red shoes wear one of your neutral colored outfits and choose a shade of red that will go perfectly with it.

Chances are you will have more clothes of the same color and your new purchase can be paired with them too. You can have red shoes in various heel heights to mix and match with your outfits so that it looks like a new outfit every time you wear them. One example would be wearing a tan shirt dress with gladiator flat shoes and a tote for brunch with your friends. You can change the look by wearing strappy high heels, a wide belt for a cinched in look and a small patent red clutch for dinner. You get 2 different looks with the same dress simply with a change of style in red shoes!

Remember, red comes in different shades and there is a shade for everyone. Find the right shade for you in shoe styles and designs that you like and you can’t go wrong. If you want just one pair of red shoes, go for a style you are comfortable with such as court shoes, perhaps, and pick a shade that you like and that will go well with a few of your clothes. This makes it fun to mix and match and you will look classy and trendy every time you wear it.

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write by Leighton