School Fancy Dress For the Guys – 3 Great Ideas For School Boy Fancy Dress Costumes


When one thinks of school fancy dress, one usually imagines the classic schoolgirl uniform, which is an extremely popular outfit at Halloween and themed parties. Such is the popularity of these outfits that we often forget that there are some great examples of school boy fancy dress costumes out there as well. After all, why should the girls have all the fun?

Although not so common at regular costume parties, sometimes school reunions choose school fancy dress as their theme, so in that scenario the guys will also need to get kitted out. Simple school boy outfits can be achieved through black trousers, a white shirt, a striped, two colour tie and a gray V-neck sweater. However, if you want your uniform to be a little bit different then there are alternatives.

Fat schoolboy

This alternative schoolboy outfit is usually based around a wire hoop jumpsuit to give that Billy Bunter look. Of course, a pinstripe jacket and tie will be included with the outfit, but it is the all important accessories that complete the desired look, such as a catapult and a pea shooter.


Perhaps you would rather go to your school reunion as a teacher rather than as a student. Costumes usually include a teacher’s gown and a mortarboard hat as standard. However, you will also have to buy a headmaster’s cane for the finishing touch.

Class nerd

I have saved my personal favourite to last. The class nerd is a great original take on school fancy dress. Usually consisting of a pair of checked trousers and a white shirt with a bow-tie, the class nerd is an American-style school boy fancy dress costume that is bound to get laughs at the party or reunion.

black t shirt
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