Style Advice – What Does Your Shirt Say About You?


Pretty in Pink

If you want a promotion, under no circumstances attend the meeting in a pink shirt, it says you are unimportant as well as under confidant. Pink is definitely not management material. However, it is the perfect choice if you are filing for divorce and want sympathy from the judge!

Red Hot

When you want to attract the opposite sex make sure your shirt or tie has an element of red in it. Red sends off signals saying you are exciting, up beat and confident. Be warned though, red should be avoided when meeting prospective in-laws as you will come across as being domineering, bossy and threatening.

True Blue

If you do want to impress the mother-in-law, do it in blue. A blue shirt tells her you are peaceful, trustworthy and thoughtful. It is ideal to wear when you are giving a presentation, but a no no when you are attending a school reunion and want to project success and confidence.

Whiter than White

Pure, clean and fresh that is what a white shirt says about you, futuristic and optimistic. Works well as a strong contrast against dark shades such as with a navy or charcoal suit to give an aura of authority. Be careful though, unless you have time for personal grooming white is not the colour for you as it shows up every little mark.

Bold in Black

Black portrays a mysterious and sophisticated image which is probably why so many people wear it. Black gives a bold impact and keeps people at a distance as it gives the wearer the impression of being aloof. People will not open up to you in black, so do not wear it if you work with children or the elderly.

Lovely in Lilac

Lilac, a great colour for business people to wear as it projects confidence and individuality. Managers should wear it when they want to be seen as diplomatic, unselfish or creative. Take heed though, do not wear lilac if you are feeling depressed as it will only make you more so.

Mellow Yellow

Feeling down? Choose a shirt with yellow in it or a bold tie in the colour, it will be sure to cheer you up on the dreariest of days. It gives the impression of being impulsive, so perhaps not best to be seen in if asking the bank manager for a loan as he might think you are a high risk.

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write by Tracey Napotnik