The Exciting Hot Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review


Even with how crazy sing a ma jigs look, the new hot pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs might be the craziest looking of the group yet. They actually wear a bright green colored shirt with some white flowers on it, giving it a major Hawaiian or tropical buzz to it. It has crazy hot pink “ears” coming out of its head, and a circular mouth that makes it look like it is ready to start singing and having a good time. You can be assured that this fun toy is going to be a great addition to this already large group of toys.

Just like all of the other models in this collection it has its own unique song to sing. The singing is what makes these toys so popular, so you know they were going to get that part right. The hot pink sing-a-ma-jigs are going to be singing the children’s song, a “Tisket, a Tasket.” It is a nice addition to the collection for sure.

Just as a reminder, these toys are probably the most fun when you buy multiple colors of them and have them sing there different songs together. They have the ability to harmonize together when more than one is brought together, so it really is a fun time. You should also be aware that the hot pink version is different then the original pink version that were released earlier. They look different and do sing different songs.

In the end kids are going to enjoy this toy if it is bought as a member of a bigger collection or if it was purchased to be used alone. This fun toy has become popular and you can see why.

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write by brooks