Unforgettable Fashion Tips for the Powerful Businessman


It wasn’t very long ago when acceptable business attire wasn’t hard to understand. It was simple. Men wore suits and women wore dresses and blouses. In men’s business clothing, acceptable fashion does not change considerably every year since it is more about being professional than being fashionable. You want to present yourself in a way that makes your clients and customers feel comfortable and more importantly, confident.

Think about this scenario: you have an important business meeting and you are not sure what to war. Who do you think your clients will feel more comfortable giving their money to someone in jeans and sneakers or you in your best dark suit? The answer is pretty obvious and further shows why you need to choose clothes that impress. You want to do everything you can to stand out from the rest of the competition.

The number one rule is to dress for success. The professional businessman needs to keep in mind these few fashion points when deciding what to wear to work.

Business formal

  • No matter what, you’ll want to own a black suit or if not black, a navy suit with either a slight sheen to it or maybe a tone on tone.
  • You can’t go wrong with shirt colored white, cream or pale blue with French cuffs.
  • It is never a good idea to wear short sleeves or button down collars unless you are dressing up for Halloween as a clown.
  • Look professional with a few ties designed with small patterns and plain, tastefully coordinated.
  • Wear a black leather belt to match your shined black leather shoe.
  • You don’t need to wear any jewelry but if you choose to do so make sure it is elegant and not flamboyant.

The authoritative look

  • Go out and buy yourself a really nice fine, pin stripe suit colored in navy, black or charcoal.
  • When you do go suit shopping look for one that is double breasted. This cut pulls off the ultimate in authoritative, power look you’ll be looking to achieve.
  • When it comes to dress shirts, wear ones that are white or light colored pastel. If your suit is plain and not too fancy, you can get away with wearing a striped shirt.
  • Make sure the shirt is French cuffed and again do not wear short sleeves or button down collars under any circumstance.
  • When choosing a tie to wear stick with ones that are either strongly contrasting or with a plain, small pattern or stripe.
  • Wear a black leather belt to match your shined black leather shoe.

Dress for corporate

  • Wear an appropriate suit, sport jacket or blazer for the season and pants that match.
  • For your shirt, ones with button down collars work well. You have the choice of wearing a suit, dark blazer or sport jacket with a medium to light colored shirt.
  • Always be sure to wear a coordinated tie that matches your suit.
  • Always sports a pair of well polished, dark shoes and a belt that matches.

Business casual

  • Pick up a nice sport jacket or blazer and with a matching pair of pants. Wool, microfiber and silk look the best and don’t feel too bad either.
  • Never wear t-shirts. While they are great for the gym after work, they do not belong in the office. Instead, opt to wear knit top or open collared shirts.
  • Long sleeves dress shirts look the best and are a good choice.

black t shirt
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write by Xavia