Uzumaki Khan reacting to One Piece: Episode 930 & 931

1.Who Is Uzumaki Khan From Twitch? Find His Age And Real Name

What is Uzumaki Khan Age? The anime reactor appears to be around the age of 30s. Get To Know More About The Web Star In Here.

Uzumaki is a British web star known for his anime reactions on Twitch.

He is one of the well-known figures among the anime community as “Uzumaki Khan Memes” has become a trend recently.

2.Know His Net Worth

Uzumaki Khan surely has maintained a notable amount of net worth from his digital career.

However, any information on his earnings is not accessible at the moment.

3.Uzumaki Khan Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Uzumaki Khan is not dating anyone.

Hence, any deets on his girlfriend and private life are not on display.

Instead, Khan is a married man though he has not revealed any insiders on his wife’s identity.

The couple is blessed with 3 young children, according to our sources.

4.His Age and Real Name Revealed

Uzumaki Khan’s age is reported to be in his 30s, according to our sources.

The exact birth details of the Twitch streamer are still into consideration.

Uzumaki Khan has not revealed his real name as of yet.

His internet username “Uzumaki” is a taken name from the surname of “Uzumaki clan” from the anime “Naruto.”

Moreover, regarding his surname “Khan,” he belongs to the British-Muslim community. He has yet to disclose more information on his background and other personal details.

5.Follow Him On Twitch

Uzumaki Khan is an active streamer on Twitch and has a verified channel on the live-streaming platform.He has accumulated nearly 50k followers on the site. He mainly streams his reactions to anime and plays games along with his viewers. According to his Twitch bio, his favorite anime is “One Piece.”Meanwhile, his favorite anime character is “Itachi Uchiha” from the anime “Naruto.” He usually reacts to the “One Piece” anime, whilst his reaction faces have garnered a special place in the anime community memes. Moreover, his favorite game is “Final Fantasy VII,” and he has written that “Manchester United” is his favorite football team.