Wedding Trends, Themes and Tips!


There are so many trends associated with weddings these days that it is hard to keep up! I hope that you find some of the themes, ideas and tips in this article useful and wish you all the best on the wonderful journey of planning your wedding!

Wedding Themes:

Beach Wedding – As the inclination for a relaxed and casual style of wedding is on the rise, we will certainly see an increase in the number of Beach & Destination Weddings this year! So choose a long flowing sun dress, kick off your heels and go naturally barefoot to your ceremony. Make sure that your invite states that ‘thongs’ and sandals are welcome and that you have plenty of water bottles in an ice filled bucket on hand at your hot beach location.

With all that in mind there are so many different ways that you can decorate your ceremony and then of course follow the theme through into the casual evening reception.

And don’t forget, after your big day is over and you wake up in the comfort of your beach fronted resort make sure that you call your photographer back, put your dress one last time for the ultimate wedding shoot… Trash the Dress! This will be the perfect and most creative ending to your wedding adventure and will make brilliant photographs for a follow-up ‘Thank You’ to your friends and family for sharing your special day! A little out of the ordinary but certainly lots of fun!

Woodland Rustic Country Wedding – Yet another trend for 2012 wedding themes brings us the Rustic Woodland Country look, think natural wood effects, shades of green, love birds outdoor settings and enchanting trees. To suit both outdoor and indoor weddings this woodland rustic chic can be carried across all decorations, bouquets and your bombonierre! You can combine this with a country music theme or a barn dance style for a really unique wedding.

Don’t just think brown… Shades of teal mixed with birds, twigs, moss and peacock feathers are the perfect complement for a rustic wedding.

Sparkling Diamond Themed Wedding – A diamond ring is a thoughtful gift of promise, an engagement of two people with the same intentions of marriage. They are so unique, and to most a diamond will symbolise love and eternity. The expression ‘diamonds are forever’ is in fact not far from the truth, since diamonds are the hardest of all the gemstones and will last a very long time… this too is symbolic of a love worthy of marriage also said to last an eternity.

With such a powerful gem beginning your journey to everlasting love it is only right that this theme be continued through your wedding day and be shared with your friends and family. Although, of course it would be considered a little excessive to shower your guests with real diamonds… perhaps you can just consider some subtle sparkling in your decorations.

Winter Wonderland Wedding – As much as we would not like to wish the summer away the popularity of a winter wedding is certainly on the up and there will be plenty of brides who will be busy planning their fairytale winter wedding for this year’s snowy season! The good news is that sleeves and high necklines are back in so remember that when you choose your wintery bridal gown. Plus you can add an elegant faux fur bolero or a snug cashmere wrap for some extra warmth.

When thinking about your wedding colours and wintery theme you should go for a combination of white, ivory, cream and pale blue flowers for a cool effect. There is no shortage of the popular wedding flowers in winter. Gerberas (gerber daisies) in their multitude of colours are available, as are tulips, roses and chrysanthemums.

Candles are also perfect for a winter wedding as they create a warm romantic atmosphere, plus there are so many different colours available that you will have no problem matching the scheme of your wedding.

Garden Wedding – Why not delve into the enchanting set up of a garden wedding. This certainly is a route that will give a very personal touch and you can go for a small and intimate gathering or a grand ceremony. Perhaps you have fond childhood memories of a local park, a recent attachment to the botanical garden that you first wandered around as an engaged couple or simply love your granny’s flourishing backyard?!

Wherever you choose for your garden wedding be sure to also set a relaxed theme with laid back music for the ceremony and carry your ideas through to your reception. Choose natural colours, perhaps wooden vases or dried cut citrus fruit for your centre pieces. You could also bring elements from your honeymoon – maybe you are jetting off to Singapore and would like to add orchids to your table decorations and bouquets.

More Trends…

Wedding Flowers – The trend for wedding flowers in 2012 has been announced as “Neutral: soft romantic floral with soft color fabric accents”. Perhaps you will choose a champagne colour scheme and incorporate ivory or pale yellow roses into your bouquets. You could opt for pink oriental lillies, gerberas and carnations as part of your posies or have a single trailing bouquet with pink roses and orchids.

Whether you choose to go with this year’s trends or even if you go against the grain and design your wedding theme using bold and bright colours there are so many fantastic designs and decoration styles available to reflect your colour scheme and match in with your flower choice too.

Wedding Reception – Being up to date on the latest trends is a fantastic way to get inspiration when planning your wedding reception. There are so many things to consider, obviously there is the venue itself, this will depend on the formality of the day and of course the theme you have chosen.

With all venues you will have to consider what is fashionable and with the up to date styles leaning towards Ivory and Taupe Colours and Vintage with a Modern Touch what better way to capture this at your wedding than with an accessory that looks vintage and feels modern. Some of the favourite styles in vintage design to suit this trend include demask-esque black and white, vintage roses and soft browns.

Choosing the right dress code to match your theme…This will be a major element in making sure that you set the right tone for your big day! This is really important, not only for your groomsmen but for your guests as well – no one likes to rock up to an event either under or over dressed! There are five main dress codes that you may consider for your wedding, these will all help you to determine the formality of the occasion and create the perfect atmosphere for your fabulous wedding!

Classic Black Tie – A tuxedo or dinner suit is possibly the sexiest most masculine suit that you will ever wear… think James Bond! Traditionally with a satin trim lapel, white or ivory shirt and formal collar and a black bow tie.

Creative Black Tie – This style brings a modern twist to the classic black tie. Team with up with a slim boy tie or sneakers if that is what reflects your personality most!

Formal – Whether it’s a lounge suit or a black tie suit ‘formal means vest’! It’s all about complementing the jacket and pants with a three piece suit!

Lounge Suit – With this casual style suit there are no actual rules – you don’t need a tie and the colour is up to you. The prefect choice for a garden wedding.

Smart Casual – Basically anything goes – suits can be replaced with trousers and jackets are not essential – even thongs can be acceptable if you are having super casual beach wedding.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress… All heads will turn as the beautiful bride makes her grand entrance on the biggest day of her life! As we all know finding your dress needs to be just like finding your groom… the perfect fit!! and as we also know that we are all unique we have to consider both personal taste and of course our body shape when making the choice! Make sure that you do a little bit of research about what will best enhance your wonderful figure! Here are some examples as to which styles suit so that you can make sure that you look and feel fabulous on your special day!!

The Hourglass – Hips and shoulders are a similar width with a defined waistline. Choose from A-line, Ball Gown, Princess Line or Fishtail.

The Pear Shape – Hips are wider than shoulders. Look for A-line, Asymmetrical, Princess Line.

Straight and Slim – Hips, shoulders and waist are similar width. Look for Ball Gown, Sheath, Empire Line.

Square – Shoulders are wider with similar hip and waist. Choose from A-line, Asymmetrical or Ball Gown.

Triangle – Shoulders are wider than hips. Look for: Cocktail or Fit n Flair.

With all that said the most important thing to do when planning your wedding is to remember why you are getting married and to enjoy yourselves… after all, this will be the biggest and most fantastic day of your lives and the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

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