Which Qualities Should Be Noticed While Buying A Hiking Shirt?


Hiking is among the most audacious activities. You cannot wear usual shirts while hiking, it needs special fabric shirts designed specifically keeping the requirements of hiking in mind. The design, fabric, color, weight and last but not the least UPF factor must be considered before buying a particular hiking shirt.

If you are looking for a comfortable hiking shirt that can be worn at ease while exercising or other outdoor activities, you should consider several aspects before buying one, like the stuff used in the shirt is 100% cotton poplin to make it soft, light and breathable. To make you feel fresh during the outdoor activities, it is important that the shirt has front as well as underarm vents.

It is very important that you pay proper attention to the stuff used in the shirt as inappropriate ingredients may lead to allergic reactions that may harm your skin. Always try to find completely recycled polyester shirts because they are earth friendly due to their composition from polyester and recyclable fibers. Capilene Crew 1 shirt by Patagonia is a perfect instance of a comfortable and earth friendly hiking shirt.

If you’re going to hike in high altitude locations then make sure that you always choose the shirts having UPF protection. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF points to the quantity of the ultraviolet radiations transmitted by sun that an individual absorbs. The fabric with high UPF will indicate that it is capable of preventing the sun’s ultraviolet rays from harming your skin. One such example is Adventure Gear Indra 4-way shirt by Sherpa which offers excellent 40-UPF rating.

Besides the stuff of fabric, it is also very important to choose the appropriate color for your shirt. While a light-colored shirt will provide the restrained protection only, a dark colored shirt will provide you complete protection from the ultraviolet rays transmitted by the sun. Before choosing a hiking shirt for you, you must consider this point as the harmful sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer afterward. ExOfficio provides shirts in various colors from white to pale yellow, DP jade to grimy lapis.

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